Why Guncrafter Industries

Custom handguns are an investment for some, while for others they are a way of life. At Guncrafter Industries we go out of our way to make sure that regardless of the purpose of our hand crafted pistol, we exceed the demands you have for them. Each and every one of our pistols is build, tested, and inspected to please our most discerning customer, Alex Zimmermann. When it starts the journey to a new home in your safe or holster, our small band of artisans have each agreed that they would be proud to do the same.

Why Guncrafter Industries?

Nestled in the Northwest corner of Arkansas is a grove of exceptional custom gun makers that specialize in the 1911. While they all sort of started with a shared influence, they all have their unique paths. Guncrafter Industries was born in 2004 to follow a dream to make a .50 caliber handgun a reality. Alex Zimmermann had been carrying this dream since engineering school in Demark. Having already been seven time IDPA National Champion, and having worked for one of the largest in the custom gun business, it was time to follow his dream. It took some time and blood, sweat, and tears to get Guncrafter Industries where it is today, Alex would say it was worth it! Now staffed with others who share his vision and focus on quality, Guncrafter Industries can service the ever growing customer base and plan for a bright future.

At Guncrafter Industries we still do it “old school” by fitting every component to perfection. Even the magazines are fitted, tuned, and tested to assure reliability. In a time where everything moves faster every day, we take pride in the fact that we still use a file, and know how. Take a look at our pistols, but remember we build them one at a time to your request, so the pistols shown are just one customers idea of their perfect pistol.

Unique Features and Why:

Why 15 LPI x 90º checkering on our pistols? Well…. the answer is not as simple as you would think. Guncrafter Industries started by building our 50 GI based models and on most of those we offer 20 LPI “Carry” checkering. This offers a fine choice, but Alex wanted more. Having been used to the 30 LPI world, just like everyone else, some thought was given to a better way. Here is our reasoning: 15 LPI x 90º checkering is real world checkering. It gives you great control while not being too aggressive, due to our hand finishing process. As easy as 30 LPI is to damage or mar, our 15 LPI is Guncrafter Tuff!

Why use forged frames, slides, and barrels? After all this time and advancements, it is still the best, most durable foundation to begin a custom pistol.

Every component is carefully considered for functionality, durability, and ascetics, while ascetics are last, they are important to every pistol we build.

Finally one point I cannot make strongly enough, attention to detail. Every gunsmith is pressed to make it better, not faster, BETTER. On every bench there is a loop, for those of you that don’t know, a loop is a magnifier used to inspect small things or areas, something you just do not see anymore. Everyone is focused on making all of our pistols the finest, we are proud for them to wear the Guncrafter Industries name.

Over the years many have asked, “Are aluminum frames as durable, will they hold up as long as steel frames”. The Guncrafter Industries answer, the purpose of aluminum frames is to offer an ability to build a pistol that is lighter. The only real weak point is the feed ramp. Our solution was to add a steel insert to the feed ramp to insure that it will last a life time, just like all of our pistols. Just another case of doing it right from the start, it may be fine forever with out this added feature. Why take that chance? Just another reason our pistols are Guncrafter Tuff!

Simple principals are the guiding force, exceptional quality, exceptional reliability, and exceptional customer service, Guncrafter Industries just Exceptional.

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