The H.O.S.S. .45 ACP 1911 Model Pistol

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$50.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
The HOSS Custom1911 chambered in 45, custom made in Huntsville, Arkansas.

In the world of custom 1911's, real innovations are few and far between. When we came out with the 50 GI it was a significant contribution to the world of 1911 pistols. We have now brought forth more innovation to the industry with the introduction of the H.O.S.S. (Heavy Operating Shooting System) custom 1911.  All of the HOSS improvements make individual parts of the 1911 stronger, and by doing so it increases not only the longevity but also the overall reliability of the pistol. Consider this, a chain is no stronger that its weakest link and we have made the weakest links (parts) MUCH stronger.

Where a standard 1911 might have a parts failure after X number of rounds we have now decreased the likelihood of any failure exponentially, in fact with “normal” use it might never happen.

With the introduction of the HOSS we are once again showing that a small company can do big things, turning our knowledge and experience into strength and reliability, the HOSS is a 1911 ready to meet the 21st century head on!


  • Full Size frame with 5″ Slide
  • Melonite Finish
  • Forged Steel Frame & Slide
  • Tool Steel fully machined Hammer, Sear, and Disconnector
  • Slide Top Serrations
  • Solid match grade trigger
  • Black Alumagrips with Full Checkering
  • Magazine Well
  • Single Sided Thick Safety
  • 15 LPI x 90 degree checking on front strap and mainspring housing
  • GI Tritium Sights
  • HOSS Heavy Barrel-chamber and barrel wall thickness increased by 56%, and beefed up barrel feet by 65%
  • HOSS Slide Stop-33% in crease in width, to .200
  • HOSS Extractor-33% increase in width, to .200
  • HOSS Plunger Tube-4 post, thick walled, made from 4130 Chrome Moly Steel
  • HOSS Barrel Link-increased width by 22%, made from hardened steel, with a hardened steel
  • HOSS Barrel Bushing-increased thickness by 56%
  • HOSS Ejector-Ejector post more than double the size of standard cross pin
  • Fully Dehorned
  • Extreme Reliability Work
  • Two fitted and tuned magazines
  • Black GI Logo Cordura Case



Each pistol is built by hand and backed with our Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance, as well as the best customer service in the industry.

*The pistols in the pictures may have been customized with other options, and are therefore different than the standard model.