Model No. 2

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The Model No. 2 has all the same great features as the Model 1 with the addition of the integral light / accessory rail. The full length dust cover and full profile slide in conjunction with squared-off trigger guard on this pistol gives it an aggressive look and tells you it means business. While built for professional operators it is also perfectly suited for home defense. Equipped with a light, ready on the night stand, the M2 will take all comers. The 4oz of extra heft makes the already mild recoil of the 50 GI even softer. A superior platform for tactical lights or accessories, regardless of the environment or demands the Model No. 2 is a pure performer.
*Note: The Pistols shown on the pages here may not represent a standard model and may have a number of options, please keep in mind that we custom build each pistol to order.


Model No. 2 Melonite

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MSRP, base model, $3,599.00

About This Model

  • Full Size 5” Government .50GI
  • Frame with Integrated Light-rail, Slide, and 5” Heavy Match Grade Barrel Machined from Forgings
  • Hammer, Sear, and Disconnector Fully Machined from Tool Steel
  • Slide Stop Fully Machined from bar stock
  • Single Side Thumb Safety and High Sweep Grip Safety
  • Beveled Magazine Well for Improved Magazine changes
  • Solid Match Trigger
  • Front Strap and Integral Lanyard-Loop Mainspring Housing 20 LPI “Carry”
  • Checkering
  • Fully Checkered OD/Gray Aluma-Grips with GI Logo
  • G.I. Tritium Sights
  • Parkerized Finish
  • Fully Dehorned
  • Extreme Reliability Work
  • Supplied with Two Magazines Fully Fitted and Tuned in GI Logo Cordura Case
  • 42.6oz. Empty 5” Steel Pistol



  • Fiber Optic Front
  • Gold Bead Front
  • Brass Bead Front
  • Plain Rear Ledge
  • U-Notch Ledge Rear
  • Adjustable Novak


  • Melonite
  • Reverse Two Tone
  • Hard Chrome


  • Flush Cut Barrel with Deep Crown
  • Flush Cut Slide Stop with Chamfered Frame



  • .45 ACP Conversion Available